Artist: Dguap

Label: Calhoun Block Music

Genre: HipHop/Rap

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Dguap has been blowing up the underground music scene

since the release of his debut album “All IN” that dropped

July of this year. He hails from Las Vegas by way of

Denver CO. His debut album was released through Calhoun

Block Music and distributed through Island Def Jam. He’s

raising up like new money and is a force to be reckoned with.

Keep your eye to the sky like the batman symbol for Dguap’s

sophomore album, It’s sizzlin!


Dguap has been featured in Vents Magazine, Had a cover

feature on HipHopStardom101 magazine, Been sponsored

by Double Cross Vodka, Recieved a rave review from music

industry legend Stuart Epps and recently has been selected

to have his album "All In" featured on Pandora. 



Artist: Glendale S. Caztro

Label: Independent

Hip Hop/Rap

Coming soon!






Glendale S. Caztro is one of the brightest up and coming artists

out of Aurora, Colorado. He has been rapping since he was 10

years old, starting in 2002. Many critics and fans can't really

distinguish his style per-say because his versatility on each

song brings something different to the sound of Hip-Hop every

time. G.S.C. is best known for his lyricism. Unlike most artists in

today's game, he actually takes into consideration of what he's

saying in his songs and how clever he can be to bring the

essentialness out of life lessons. While he takes a stand for

lyricism and takes on the challenge of being the head man in

Bone Deep Family, Tru Beatz Productions assures Glendale

S. Caztro the quality and professionalism necessary to further

the success in his career. 



Artist: Burb-N-Hitez

Label: Independent

Genre: HipHop/Rap

Website: Coming Soon





Colorado's premier Hip-Hop group, Burb-N-Hitez, consists of

five young men with tremendous drive and ambition. Corey

Carter, David Bang, Rikah, Mike Rich and Rasean Douja

have put together a style of music that separates them from

the rest of their peers. The versatility of Burb-N-Hitez can be

found within their music, expressing different styles of Hip Hop

that can appeal to all audiences. This unique group formed at

the beginning of 2011. Each artist had been pursuing a solo

career until finally combining their ideas and dreams, with

visions of seeing the top!

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